Congratulations Emilia and Katy
12 year old Katy and 11 year old Emilia passed their 1st Dan black belt grading just before the Christmas break.  Both girls have been training since they were 7 years old impressing all the WWSKA instructors with their work rate, dedication and ability.  The last year has seen the girls training twice a week with senior instructor Dave Powell 7th Dan.  They covered all aspects of the Wado Ryu style disciplines including traditional, sport karate, bag work and floor techniques.  While not every student aspires to reach black belt the girls have shown what determination and hard work can achieve.

IMG_7440 IMG_7443 IMG_7449
The WWSKA has been established in Warwick and Kenilworth for over 35 years brining the style of Wado Ryu together with modern multi kick sport karate and top instructors leading to dynamic martial art training for all ages

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