We offer a period of up to 3 weeks before you are required to pay the membership fee.  This is because we understand that karate may not be suited to everyone, even though most people who take advantage of the trial period do go on to become members of the club.

To take advantage of the trial period you can come along to any of the clubs and join in part of your first lesson for free.  The following week, should you still be interested simply pay for the session as detailed below. Finally if you decide you want to become a member return the completed membership application form and fee plus training fee and we can enrol you into the club.  Membership forms are available from all of the instructors or alternatively you can download from the forms link.

Membership includes a suit, the first years licence and life membership to the club.  However the licence MUST be renewed annually, the current costs are listed below.  Discounted training fees are available when training two or more times during one week. In addition fees are also reduced when two or more family members train together.

Juniors are up to 17 years of age, seniors are 18 years or over.