Data Protection Policy

Issue 1 May 2018
Ref new data regulations GDPR May 2018

This policy covers the handling and processing of student data detailed on the WWSKA annual membership/licence forms

Controller WWSKA Senior Instructors Committee
Processor instructors/ licence officers for WWSKA and FEKO

The WWSKA will take all necessary steps to safeguard the student data contained on the membership forms in accord with the new GDPR regulations.
Data will not be shared with a 3rd party outside WWSKA/FEKO
Data will be stored for duration of the annual membership plus a two week renewal period

  1. Renewal, database will be updated in respect to renewal form
  2. Not renewed, data removed from database all previous membership forms will be destroyed.

Data will be processed in accord with the six principles of GDPR

  1. Data will be carefully and lawfully processed
  2. Provision of a written data policy
  3. Use limited to membership/licence requirements
  4. Requested information will be relevant, up to date and not excessive
  5. Not kept longer than required
  6. Processed in a secure manner

Members rights regarding data

  1. Can request information is removed/destroyed if leaving club
  2. Can request data is updated
  3. Can request a copy of data held


From time to time photography is used in the clubs, the WWSKA will gain permission from those effected before using for any purpose.

Senior Instructors Committee