Our sessions are structured so that we can cater for all ages and capabilities and students can progress at their own pace.  With the younger students we place the emphasis on keeping active and building speed of movement whereas with the older students and higher grades we will focus on the technique.

The typical session will start with a couple of games mainly for the children but adults are quite welcome to join in too, before we move to a general warm up.  This consists of stretching and strengthening techniques taking into account the limitations some younger members may have.

Once the warm up is complete we will break off into different groups based on age and grades though it is feasible to have a mixture of low and high grade seniors in a group.  Groups can work on basic techniques, bag work, kata and traditional or self defence.

Junior students tend to finish 30 minutes before the seniors which gives us time to concentrate on the more technical aspects that we expect an adult to be able to cope with.

Throughout the sessions the emphasis is on the student enjoying the training and at the same time learning a new skill.